with Christmas curiosity!

hanging mistletoe

- Santa claws

as a reindeer

and the Annual Christmas Photo

and the Snowman

in the Chorus

stressed by seasonal jealousy...

Christmas virtue

Consulting with Donder

in the Christmas stocking chorus

is very territorial

mining coal

Shadow as Santa

Predicting weather

Isnt one of Santas helpers!

Santas helpers

trimming the dog

trimming the tree

Check out Monsignor's Cats...

Night before Christmas

Catmas Carols

Christmas Humour




Christmas Cat

Christmas wreath napper

Yule-tide feline

Baby, its cold outside

Red nose to the rescue


with his Christmas present

as a Herald Angel

Christmas Portrait

Christmas Trio

Monsignor's Cats...

Monsignors Cats

Have yourself a Meowry Little Christmas


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Hollywood and the ubiquitous Christmas Presence