Easter Study 2006

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Home Study Series

Resurrection hope of the Faith Community: a call to begin again...

May 9

A Living Leaking God

  1. Where is God leaking in your church? How do you know? What “fluorescent bulbs” show it?

  2. In what ways are you personally “inside the tent” or “outside the tent”? Or both?

  3. In what ways is your church “inside the tent” or “outside the tent”? Or both?

  4. Do you believe in an active God in a responsive universe or a responsive God in an active universe? How did you come to this belief? Is your belief in line with the professed theology of your denomination?

  5. If you were to “question all things” in your congregation examine every process, every meeting, every service, every program, every employee, every building – what do you think would happen?

  6. Take one thing and question it in a group:
    Why do we meet for worship at these times?
    Why do we dress up for church?
    Why do we employ a clergyperson?
    How often is the sanctuary used each week? Why?
    Why do we meet on Sunday at all?

  7. Hold a “fluorescent bulb” up to each thing the congregation does. Does it “glow,” indicating the presence of a “Living Leaking God”?

  8. Do you have a religious denomination or an interactive community?

  9. If your church was a “custodian,” as Paul described it, and it left you, where would you go next?

  10. What is prayer for you? For your congregation? What do you pray about? What does the congregation pray about? What does it mean to pray for someone or some “thing”? How exactly does that work?

  11. What would it mean to pray for presence rather than outcome?

  12. Are you ever aware of God’s searching/yearning for you? When? How?

  13. Describe in words other than “Son of God,” “Messiah,” “Savior ... .. Prophet,” “Lamb of God,” or other traditional language, just who Jesus was, and who he is for you now. Use words an eight‑year‑old would understand.

  14. What does resurrection mean to you? How did you come to this understanding?

  15. What is Holy Spirit? If it is the Godforce in you, what does that mean for your life?

  16. What is sin? How does it work in your life? In the life of the congregation? How or why do we choose sin? How did Jesus sin? How does the church sin?

  17. What is your soul? If you knew it was connected to every other soul of every other living force in the universe, would it make a difference in your life? How?

  18. Where is heaven? Is it a place for you? An idea? What if Hitler is there, forgiven? Is heaven fair? Is God?

  19. Imagine that you are one of the disciples coming to Jesus because you are concerned that people have no food. What is your response when he says, “You give them something to eat”?