Male Unbifurcated Garments – What Are They?

M.U.G.s – Male Unbifurcated Garments Unbifurcated garments – including cassocks, albs, rochet, kilts, robes – are traditionally male clothing that have been worn by men throughout history. They have been worn by all the men in the Bible, by Roman gladiators, Vikings, and Scottish Highlanders. They are still worn frequently by men in Scotland, throughout Africa, […]

A Child’s Christmas in Scarborough

Whenever I remember Christmas as a child in Scarborough, I can never remember whether the slush was new or old, or whether we lived on the sixth street north of the shopping plaza stoplights and I was seven years old, or whether it was the seventh street and I was six. But still my nose […]

Benedictine Prayer – Lectio Divina

Dating from the 5th century, Divine Reading, Lectio Divina, is comprised of a ladder with 4 steps… Reading you should seek; Meditating, you will find; Praying, you shall call; and Contemplating, the door will be opened to you! Reading appeals especially to the Sensing–Judging personality type Either by reading Scripture or other devotional material, we actively seek after the Word […]

the penultimate WORD

“But woe to the earth and the sea, for the devil has come down to you with great wrath, because he knows that his time is short!” Revelation 12.12 It’s not any easier for us than it was for our parents. Or their parents. It has never been easy. The problem of evil has challenged […]

Deck us all with Boston Charlie

Deck us all with Boston Charlie, Walla Walla, Wash., an’ Kalamazoo! Nora’s freezin’ on the trolley, Swaller dollar cauliflower alley-garoo! Don’t we know archaic barrel, Lullaby Lilla boy, Louisville Lou? Trolley Molly don’t love Harold, Boola boola Pensacoola hullabaloo! Bark us all bow-wows of folly, Polly wolly cracker n’ too-da-loo! Hunky Dory’s pop is lolly gaggin’ on the wagon, […]

Ash Wednesday and questions you may have…

Q: What is Ash Wednesday? A: Ash Wednesday is the day Lent begins. It occurs forty days before Good Friday. Q: Is Ash Wednesday based on a pagan festival? A: Heck, no. Ash Wednesday originated in the A.D. 900s, long after Europe had been Christianized and the pagan cults stamped out. Q: Why is it […]

Festivus – What Is It And How To Celebrate

Festivus is a fictional holiday created by Frank Costanza(played by Jerry Stiller) on the popular television comedy Seinfeld. Some fans of the show now celebrate this fictional holiday in real life. Festivus is a holiday held on 23 Decemberof each year. It was created as a response to the commercialism of the other December holidays. Its slogan is “Festivus, a […]


MONDAY, MAY 2, 2011; 7:30 P.M. SHAAREI ZEDEK SYNAGOGUE 91 LEINSTER STREET, SAINT JOHN, N.B. The programme will feature a keynote address by Alex Eisen, a Holocaust survivor now living in Toronto. He was born in Vienna, Austria in 1929 and at nine years of age watched the Nazis marched into Vienna. Soon after Eisen, his […]